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Christmas Hampers delivered to Seniors in Burnaby

CompletedDecember 2021

Skills for Hope Foundation delivered Christmas Hampers to Seniors in Burnaby. Seniors were referred by Burnaby Meals on Wheels Program. 

Donation of Activity Kits to Ronald Macdonald House, BC

CompletedNovember 2021

Skills For Hope Foundation donated much-needed STEAM Activity Kits for the teens at Ronald Macdonald House, BC.

“This will have an impact on the lives of the seriously ill children, siblings and BC families who call RMH, BC, home each year”.

Donation of Resources to Covenant House, Vancouver

CompletedDecember 2019

Skills for Hope Foundation donated much-needed items for the Christmas Backpack Program at Covenant House, Vancouver. Covenant House provides a number of programs for homeless youth.

Donation of Educational Resources to a Hospital

CompletedMarch 2018

Skills For Hope Foundation donates much-needed educational/skills building resources for patients at a Hospital in Greater Vancouver, BC. Patients from early childhood age to teens will benefit from these for many years.

Academic Skills Development at SOS Children’s Village BC – Donation of Laptop

CompletedJuly 2014

Skills For Hope partnered with SOS BC Canada to support skills development of a member of the Village. Jason, a member of the SOS Children’s Village BC community was accepted into Trinity University, but due to a few vision-related issues, he desperately needed a laptop with special features. Skills For Hope was happy to assist and donated the laptop with two-year-warranty. Our volunteer Sayed donated his time and efforts to this project. Feedback from SOS BC stated that this will “receive years of use and provide years of support for our villager in his upcoming years in post-secondary, helping Jason achieve academic success”.

Academic Skills Development at SOS BC Canada – Donation of Laptops, Software and Accessories

CompletedMay 2013

Skills For Hope’s Adopt a Skill Program donated new laptops, software and accessories to SOS Children’s Village BC, a non-profit organization that supports foster children and vulnerable youth. The items are being used for the academic and computer skills development of the children and youths at their Centre.  The development of these essential skills will have a positive impact on their lives.  Regular communication with the team at SOS Children’s Village is maintained. Recent feedback indicated that they are being “put to good use!” and are a “wonderful addition to our community centre”.

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